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  • EM-008 CPR Training Manikin For Infant
  • EM-008 CPR Training Manikin For Infant

EM-008 CPR Training Manikin For Infant

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Product Description

Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2015 guideline for CPR



1. Simulating standard open airway

2. External breast compression: display device and alarm device

a. indicator light display of correct and wrong compression ; alarm of wrong compression

b. intensity display of correct (1-2 cm) and wrong (<1cm or >2cm) compression; alarm of wrong compression

3. Artificial respiration (inhalation): display device and alarm device

a. Inhalation <30ml or > 50ml, wrong indicator light display and alarm prompting; Inhalation between 30-50ml right indicator light display;

b. Inhalation too quickly or too much result in air entering into stomach; indicator light display and alarm prompting

4. Ratio of compression and artificial respiratory: 30:2 (one person) or 15:2 (two persons)

5. Operating cycle: one cycle includes five times of 30:2 or 15:2 ratio of compression and artificial respiration.

6. Operation frequency: at least 100 times per minute

7. Operation methods: exercise operation

8. Examination of brachial artery response: pinch the pressure ball by hand and simulate brachial artery pulse

9. Working conditions: Imput power is 110-240V



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