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  • EM-010A Tracheostomy simulator
  • EM-010A Tracheostomy simulator

EM-010A Tracheostomy simulator

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Product Description

Item No.: EM-010A

Package size:48.5x32.5x40cm  




Function Feature

Oral cavity intubation

Nasal intubation


Notice : Please provide laryngoscope ,tooth support and resuscitator for yourselves , and the simulator doesn’t include these .

Turn on alarm switch of base back ,and now it is ready to practice intubation.


Oral Cavity intubation


A. Check laryngoscope ,headlight will be bright when the lenses link the handle correctly.

B. Check ductus cuff ,use syringe to inject air into cuff to ensure it not air leak , and then pump air off cuff .

C. Lubricate the ductus front and cuff surface with soft cloth dipped lubricant.

D. Lubricate the intratrachea with brash dipped lubricant.

2. Put the model on its back , head backwards and put up neck ,make mouth ,paarynx and trachea be on one axes.

3. Trainee should stand at the side of model head , left hand hold laryngoscope , laryngoscope and larynx show a right angle, laryngoscope lens embed tongue root, go up laryngoscope a little, place lens at the joint of epiglottis and tongue root after seeing the edge of epiglottis, go up laryngoscope and then the glottis can be seen .

4. After glottis emerging, right hand hold ductus, insert it into glottis gently. When inserting about 1 cm , work it on with “clockwise and counter-clockwise circumvolve’’ motion ,adult about 4 cm ,children about 2 cm .

5.Plug a tooth support at the side of ductus, and then take out laryngoscope.

6. Connect resuscitator with ductus , press resuscitator to inflate ductus .

7. If ductus insert into trachea, to inflate will make lungs inflation; if insert into esophagus ,to inflate will make stomach inflation with beep.

8.Fix the ductus and tooth support after ductus inserted into trachea .

9.Use syringe to inject air into cuff to make ductus and trachea wall obdurate, which can avoid air-leaking when inhaling ,and puke and secretion flowing backwards to trachea .

10.Please use syringe pump air off cuff before plug out ductus .

11. If using laryngoscope incorrectly and pressing tooth , it will warn with beep.


Nasal intubation

Vertically insert ductus into nostril, push ductus to pharynx cavity along meatus of nose . Left hand handle laryngoscope ,make glottis bare after ductus passing nasal cavity ,right hand keep on pushing ductus into glottis .Other process is as same as intubate through oral cavity.


1. Clean lubricant of ductus and cuff with soft cloth after training .

2. Clean with mild soap and water ,do not submerse torso in cleaning fluids or water.

3. Use only on clean surface. Avoid felt tipped markers, ink pens  ,acetone, iodine of other staining products and avoid placing the torso on newspaper or linked lines of any kind.

4.If warning beep can’t work ,check the batteries, and check again after replacing the batteries .

5. To ensure longevity, torso should be cleaned after each training session and a general inspection should be conducted regularly.

6. Store properly between teaching sessions . 

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